Yoeri and his gear


Gear up!

In a sport, that’s absolutely my favorite one, collecting gear is somewhat a must.

You NEED a mask.
You NEED fins.
You NEED a stick (preferable in both white and black.

But what kinda mask and other stuff you say? Well, you’ll get to know some of our players and their gear. Their findings and tips. The DO’s and DOOOOOONT’S.
We start of with. Well me 🙂

First up. The mask.

I tried a butt load through the years.
My first and biggest choice is the micro clear mask from technisub. Close fitting, right up to your face so no reflections or psychedelic images when you swim.
Simply a clear view and a sturdy frame. After a team shot me right through the lens, it was this frame that saved me from real harm. And that friend has the best and hardest shot of Belgium.
A mask strap for the occasional knee or elbow in the face. It keeps the mask in place and because I wear lenses it’s a must for me. I bought it from CANAM. I recommend it to everybody who loses his/her mask on regular bases.

The snorkel. A Buran. Also technisub. With the black mouth guard from bentfish. It’s an official rule to wear it…. so I wear it.

The caps

Also tried some through the years.

But the FINIS from CANAM really do it for me. Tight fitting and large capnumbers. I’m 23, a number that doesn’t appear much in Belgium.

The stick

The holy torch. The sword of destiny. The lightsabre.
Yes, uwh players each have their stick that just works for them.
Wood or plastic? I started with a wooden version. A big lumbering brute that only said :forward!!.
But through the years I learned to appreciate the plastic one. And especially the carve (from BENTFISH). I’ve tried them all (except that monster 290)
I started with the 2008 version of the 252. But collected them all.
As forward the 252 and 265. And as middle and back player a 279.
But I still missed that lumbering brute with the killer shot.
Enter HYDRA 2. I absolutely adore this stick. Iron hard and a superb shot/backhand. I has the heavier puch, and I can still play technically with it. BENTFISH really does know how to make sticks. I use the 290 as backup, but my little ones are gathering dust now.

The glove

I make these myself. It’s an art to make one. A future article will tell you more how i design gloves.
As a forward/wing I need my knuckle and tophand protection.


The pants

I designed these swimming pants with my friend Geert Stevens. I drew them and chose the colours and he made the computer magic happen.
I’m still enormously proud that my club (ORCA BILZEN) uses my design. It’s a waterpolo swimming pants. Double layered and very sturdy. With our proud club colours and our killer whale proudly displayed up front.

The fins

Mat mas fins. I have these for about a year now. The foopocket is a real hard ass but the acceleration is pretty good. Fast reaction time and a good (glassfibre) thrust!
But it’ survivability… you see on the picture were the tape-operations are taking place. The footpockets are ripping and the edges are long gone.
I ordered BREIERS, a tip from me team players: Andy, Frederic and Niels. I hope the customer service after buy is better, because the mat mas team just doesn’t answer mails or facebook questions. A pity.


The bag

Carrying al that gear is very important. A training or foreign tournament, the gear can be heavy sometimes when you’re walking a lot through a strange city.
Thanks to Vicki Risianova I got my hands on these babies from South Africa. The hockey bags of my dreams!
No more dragging that sports bag everywhere, but simply wear it on your back. Where ever you go.
So there you have it. A gear in the life of one uwh player. NEXT!

Geschreven door Yoeri Slegers