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The lost art of making a glove.

‘I want that one!’
How many times did I think about that when watching the uwh-sites for a new glove.
Cool desigs, good sturdiness, or just plain ones that serves the purpose.

What’s the purpose of a good uwh-glove?

Well, for me that’s: protection, long life and it doesn’t bother my playing style.
And boy, I used a lot of gloves.
My very first homemade diver glove with pieces of diversuit glued on the fingers. Thank you Frederic Pirenne for that one! In the end it was help by pieces of orange tape.
The big white fist. Dutch made with a blue wrist band.
Euro gloves. Slovenian gloves. Bent gloves. And so forth …

Every glove had a typical characteristic for me.
And I always wanted to bring that into 1 glove.

So I decided to make my own.

After the first 5 attemps (wrong underglove, different sillicones, wrong dry process) I’m at the point that I can say that they work.
It takes time and patience for making a good glove.

There enough youtube movies on how to make ‘a glove’.

This movie made me take the step into making uwh gloves.

But I wanted to make awesome gloves. Gloves that are fun to watch and most importantly: protect you from the big bad bashers!

So if your looking for custom made gloves, send me your designs or watch my facebook page! At yoerislegers@gmail.com
If you want to choose a design, just let me know what’s your fancy.
I work with 3 dimensions: M,L,XL.

Medium: ridiculously small handed guys, most women, kids
Large: ridiculously large handed women, most men
XL: you get the picture 🙂

Voor degene die een OWH handschoen wilt bestellen of laten maken. Stuur me jullie ontwerpen naar yoerislegers@gmail.com

Geschreven door Yoeri Slegers