Meeting with a mental coach


A couple of weeks ago we had a meeting with a mental coach who is willing to join us in the preparation of the world champs in Eger.

Philippe Remacle →

Mental coaching has been viewed more like a nice to have then a must feature in the past. Today coaches and athletes are convinced of the need for a perfect mental preparation
So people are looking for support for that kind of matter. Were looking for the right advice from specialists who gets to know the athletes. And a person who uses their expertise to fully exploit the groups potential. By helping to create the ideal circumstances for a perfect game

Who or what determines the result? Talent, condition, preparation. But also the shape of you opponent during that crucial game. Or the play-field, sometimes the referee, perhaps also just chance.

But there is more than results. Your success is the result of hard work, perseverance, trial and error, keep believing in yourself.But most of all insight in your talents andthe motivation to continue developing your talent. Winning means pushing your own boundaries. Physically and mentally.

We hope to achieve such results with the team with the help of a mental coach. Its something we have never tried before, but its something that will work in favor of the players and the Belgian team!

Geschreven door Andy