Ho Ho Hockey Tournament invite


Underwaterhockey and christmas! Such a magical combination! Let us prove this statement and join us for our annual 4 on 4 underwaterhockey tournament.

Is there a better way to celebrate christmas than teaming up with your friends and do the thing we all love doing the most! Playing hockey!!! I think not!

Getting excited? Good! To add to the fun we ask everybody to dress up! The team who has the best outfit is refunded the tournament fee 🙂 Best costumed team gets in for free 🙂 (difficult you say? Here are some tips: ‘nightmare before’, ‘short skirt female santa’, ‘deers are for squares’…) You can’t dress up as a superhero every time! Or can you?

Players who come from a far, keep us informed! Maybe we can help you with your travelling (the eternal quest for the cheapest flight, anyone?) and accomodation issues! The day before the tournament there is hockey too (good warmup) and we can go out for dinner together! Please let us know as soon as possible so we can make some reservations or the like.

You can contact us trough info@owh.be or in the comments below! Get in touch with us too, if you’re all alone, we’ll find you a team… no body should be allone on christmas!

20th of december 2015 (5 days before christmas) is the date to be at the place to be; Swimming pool De Kimpel, Eikenlaan in Bilzen

Starting from 09h15 all the teams are welcome!
Captainsmeeting is at 09h30!
First game starts 10h00 sharp!
Last game ends 19h00 and we’ll have a ceremony afterwards with a little snack.

Some extra details:

  • Max 8 players per team
  • Level of competition: Christmas is for everyone!
  • Price: €60 per team
  • Subscription trough info@owh.be

See you soon!

Geschreven door Orca