Ho Ho Hockey 4×4 tournament, Thank you for coming!


Dear teams!

It was once again an awesome experience to host this tournament and to have so many different clubs and teams all over Europe in our pool for our 2nd international Ho Ho Hockey 4×4 tournament.

I saw many happy faces before, during and after the tournament, everyone was in a Christmas and relaxed mood.

The games were tough, fun, competitive, exciting,…
We had a very nice final with a golden goal finish (video below). And afterwards a nice and big meal with a party to end the night!

Please be aware of the aftermovie (also down below) which may be shocking for some people… 🙂

I also like to thank al the volunteers, parents, boyfriends and girlfriends, sisters and brothers,.. who all helped during this awesome tournament, we couldn’t have done it without you!


  1. HappyFamily
  2. Budapest Bandits
  3. The Undertaker(s)
  4. Hydra Trzebnica
  6. Loroux UWH
  7. Les Alchimistes (Lille)
  8. V.Z.V. Njord
  9. Dunstable Manatees
  10. Barramoenda
  11. Befana & Tiò
  12. Zon of a Gun
  13. Orca Merry
  14. Orca Christ
  15. Orca Mas
  16. Afrohoho
  17. Hohoditas
  18. EpHoho
  19. HohoEpo
  20. BUWHches de Noël

Final 3th and 4th place 


Final 1st and 2nd place