Ho Ho Hockey 4×4 – Thanks for coming!


Thanks again to all the teams for coming to our 3rd edition of the Ho Ho Hockey 4×4 tournament it has been another beautiful edition and I hope everyone had fun above and below the water.

Special thanks to all the volunteers who sacrificed their time to help us during and after the tournament. And ofcourse all our Orca players who gave a helping hand.

Congratulations to the Devant Devent Devant team who won the tournament in an exciting finals vs Barramoenda you can watch the video below! also some pictures from during the tournament can be found below

See you guys next year in 2019!

The final ranking of the tournament:

Top Poule

  1. Devant Devant Devant
  2. Barramoenda
  3. Denis’ fanclub
  4. Happy Family 2.0
  5. Gladiator
  6. Epohohoh
  7. Orca Christ
  8. Assetto Variabile

Sub Top Poule

  1. The white Piets
  2. Orca Merry
  3. Dunstable
  4. Orca Mas
  5. Phog me thoin
  6. Astacus 1
  7. Kerstman Tis
  8. Antwerp Sharks

Base Class Poule

  1. V.Z.V. Njord
  2. BUWHches de Noël
  3. Swiss Mix
  4. OhohEpo

report from more-sport.com