Ho Ho Hockey 2019 – one week to go!


Dear Teams!

Only 1 small week to go until you get to play at this fantastic tournament.
Besides all the info in my previous email we still have some small remarks to make everything run smoothly!

There will be no physical captains meeting because the entrance will be full of teams and people, so i will explain the basics here!Please send this info to your teammates so they know what to do 🙂

  • Teams are able to register from 9h00. which means paying for the party (if you havent already) and getting the game schedule and food/party tickets
  • The first game will start at 10h10 sharp! so be on time and in the water (with hockey gear duhhhh)
  • As usual we have 2 fields, FIELD A and FIELD B, you can find the signs on the walls of the pool. There is also a warmup zone which is in the deep part
  • The tournament starts with 4 pouls of 5 teams, and according to your ranking after the round robin you will go further to the Top, SubTop or Base class
  • There is a final for the Top and Subtop class and a top 3 prize for the Top class
  • The games last 10 min in the round robin and 12 min in the finals, please make sure 1 players stays in the water to referee 
  • Near the outside window of the pool there are some benches where air comes out, you can sit on them but we suggest you put as much of your stuff in the cabins which are at the changing rooms (use a coin to lock it) or else the pool will get very hot since there is no good ventilation (bags blocking the air)


As you know from this year we will be having the dinner and party on the same location! Which i just the buidling across the pool.Dinner starts at 19h30 and prize giving will be around the same time.

You will get 1 ticket for dinner and 1 ticket for 1 free drink. the food is all you can eat, so if you want to return to the foodtruck ask one of us (organisation) for a new ticket.We also have a wide variations of belgian beers to choose from for democratic prices ;). please bring cash since you cant pay by card unfortunatly.

After the dinner it is jingle bells all the way and we party untill the lights go out 🙂 If possible you can still send the money for the dinner to our account it is €15 per person. No worries you can always bring cash.


We have a history of making the teams dress up during and after the tournament, so we invite all the players and teams to wear something in the theme of christmas!Best dressed team/person gets a prize!!


If you didnt know already the pool adres is:
”De Kimpel” Eikenlaan 29, 3740 Bilzen, Belgium

See you next week!!


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