Belgian team merchandise!


Big sell of used equipment of the Belgian national team! Read more for a list and to order with a comment!

Red caps
Caps Belgian team n°7
Speedo men black medium
Speedo men yellow medium
Bathing suit women black size 36 or 38
Bathing suit women red size 36 or 38
‘Robe’ small
T-shirt Belgian team women small, medium or large
T-shirt Belgian team red small
T-shirt Belgian team blue extra-large
Polo Belgian team women small
Polo Belgian team black extra and extraextra-large!

There are also BUWH T-shirts for sale, I guess it could be usefull for one of the following events:

Eating spaghettiauce without hands
Changing the oil of your car
I seriously don’t know any other options!

Leave a comment below and Valérian will give you a price! It’s not expensive and a cool way of showing your a hockeyplayer! You can buy stuff to change with other players at big tournaments too! Nice extra is off course your helping the Belgian teams a step further!

Geschreven door Valérian (pwnd by Orca)