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Eyepatch hockey

Old two-legs Yoeri

We are preparing ourselves for the upcoming Pirate tournament!
This by practicing the art of 'eyepatch hockey'!
The rules are simple: two teams fight for a barrel of rum by the following rules.

- every team has eyepatches to begin with.
- after every score, one player of the loosing team may remove an eyepatch
- the team who has the most eyepatches on the end of the game, or the team who is able to remove all the eyepatches of the opponents wins!

Team white has won the game this Wednesday by removing all the patches from team black!
We will have a rematch soon, with improved eyepatches and rules!!!

People with good idea's about new rules may comment on Facebook, so we can adjust the game!

Geschreven door Bram

Suggestion theme next year

Suggestion theme next year







Sunday, 19 February 2012

Captainsmeeting: 13:00

End last game: 19:00


2011 - UitnodigingPiratentoernooi